Soil Binder

Soil Binding Polymer Emulsions


Soil Binders are used on various projects as a means of temporary dust suppression, erosion control and general soil stabilisation on civil construction sites. They work to hold down and bind soil particles, often with a flexible finish.

Valley Hydramulch & Revegetation apply the binder using our specially built Hydroseeding Unit. This unit incorporates the undiluted product and water, applying the mixture to the application area via a high pressure pump system.

Types of Binder
Valley Hydramulch & Revegetation have used a variety of product for soil binding purposes. RST is our preferred supplier and further information on their binder technologies can be found at


The range of Binders come with their own respective traits, benefits and specific application suitability. Soil Binders a generally aimed at forming a strong, durable and even flexible crusts, binding up fines on the soil surface.

Soil Binder applications are used on a range of temporary civil developments and mining sites.

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