Hydraulically Applied Compost Blanket

Product Information

  • Soil Testing and Specialist Analysis introduces State-of-the-Art Soil Amelioration Technology
  • Selection of Unique Cellulose Fibre Blend;
  • Application with highly experienced operators – 20 years experience.
  • Follow up monitoring for long term results.


  • FREE of hazardous additives with current SDS’s.
  • FREE of toxic, weed and contaminants – TOTALLY ORGANIC;
  • FREE from artificial fibre or cementitious binders.
  • FREE from herbicides, pesticides or sap residuals, no oils, phenols or resins.
  • FREE from pinning and meshing requirements. Remains intact in heavy rain.
  • SAVINGS from expensive clean up works following bad weather.
  • UNIQUELY HYDROSCOPIC – up to about ten times its dry mass – to ensure total absorption to promote long term soil amelioration.
  • UNIQUE Fibre Matrix sourced from totally renewable Biomass Resources.
  • FREE from ongoing Maintenance watering – except in exceptional hot, dry weather – as the cellulose fibre is Hydroscopic.
  • UNIQUE PAM Polymer Binders are degradable and do not result in formation of an impervious crust on the surface.
  • Materials have a tendency to wash in rather than wash off in rain events.


Cover crop grasses form large root balls providing structural strength to support permanent grass establishment.
70% to 80% germination is achieved within four to six weeks – weather specific.
Native plants, shrubs and creepers can be included in the application.

Operators and Plant are to Mines MDG15 Standard
Production rates of up to 40,000 sq m per day / per machine
Hand Hose Application up to 300 metres from the machine has been achieved meaning that treatment of almost all sites is possible.

100 % Renewable Resourced Cellulose Fibre.
Proper Surface Preparation and Mass of Material Applied results in Blue Book C Factors of between 0.05 and 0.10.

The application materials form a paste on the surface, holding seeds in place until initial strike is achieved. The images below show the application and initial grass strike following a rain event. The application is still remnant on the surface, and annual seeds are beginning to strike.

Please click on the images below for a zoomed view.

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